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A galactic wallet for the real world

Meet the DawgsWallet™, fueled by shareable payment codes to protect the privacy of your actual wallet addresses and a physical, air-gapped, cold storage SpaceCard™ for added security.

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Powered by MatterCodes™

In space, no one can see your wallet address

The blockchain is a public place but thanks to MatterCodes the DawgsWallet™ protects the identity of your public address. Send to other users by code or name, not keys, and stop doxxing yourself with every transaction.

The DawgsWallet™

As secure as you want

Mobile cold wallet™

Speed or security? You no longer have to choose

Configurable pin length

Choose a 4- or 6-digit pin to secure your assets

Optional biometrics

Swap PIN with face or finger for security with convenience

The SpaceCard™

As secure as you need

The SpaceCard™ protects your valuable assets from the nimble fingers of hackers by keeping the key completely separate from the internet. With our battery-free, plug-free, NFC powered solution, a hacker needs your pin and your SpaceCard™ to sign a transaction.

A little too easy

Simple to pair, impossible to hack

Connect your SpaceCard™ to your DawgsWallet™ with a single tap, stash the card until you need to send a transaction and rest a little easier.

All aboard

Help explore a new and exciting dimension of crypto

Enter the Dawgs Metaverse which combines charted NFT assets, action-triggered incentives, and a rich, community-powered storyline that grows as we explore an evolving galactic star chart.

The NFTs you collect grant you exclusive perks and benefits unlocked by the community as we travel the stars. More than just a digital collectible, Dawgs NFTs allow you to customize the DawgsApp™ and SpaceCard™ as well.

Boldly going farther together

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